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The authority and responsibility to enforce these rules, and to make decisions concerning situations not covered herein rests with the RU-N IT staff member currently working. Failure to obey site rules will result in being asked to leave the facility. Repeated violations may result in a temporary suspension from lab facilities and/or your computer account being locked.

  1. These facilities are for general use by the Rutgers University students, faculty, staff and guests. Lab Patrons must show valid Rutgers University identification upon request.
  2. Use of these facilities for illegal purposes is strictly prohibited. Illegal activities, such as producing illegal materials and plagiarism, will be reported to the proper authorities.
  3. The lab facilities are for academic use, therefore the use of these facilities for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, producing, scanning, printing or posting of advertisements and other commercial materials.
  4. Anyone found mistreating or removing RU-N IT property within the computing facilities will lose their computing privileges and will be reported to the University Police.
  5. Lab Patrons may not use illegally copied software or unauthorized copyrighted material at any RU-N IT facility
  6. No one, other than authorized RU-N IT staff, will be admitted into the facility prior to lab opening or permitted to stay in the facility after lab closing. Hours are posted throughout the facility and outside of the facility’s main doors. In case of emergencies and other special circumstances, RU-N IT staff has the authority and responsibility to immediately clear the facility.
  7. With the exception of the Instructional Classrooms Labs, which can be reserved by professors, TA’s and staff for teaching purposes, reservations are not accepted.  Lab Patrons are served on a first come, first served basis according to the waiting line. There is no workstation time limit except on Dana Library Lab machines specifically designated for “printing only” during free period.
  8. If a Lab Patron leaves a workstation unoccupied for more than 15 minutes, they will be logged out of the computer.  RU-N IT Staff will direct the Campus Security Officer to remove any backpacks and/or other belongings, and the computer will be given to the next person waiting.  Unattended backpacks and or other belonging are not to be used to reserve computer workstations. RU-N IT is not responsible for lost or damaged belongings.
  9. At the start of a scheduled class session, students not enrolled in that class must relinquish their seats upon request from RU-N IT staff. Patrons can select an alternate location to work in by consulting our listing of labs and hours available from RU-N
  10. Account sharing is prohibited and is a violation of Rutgers University Acceptable Use Policy. The policy is available from in section 70.1.1. Password sharing is never OK. Your password is access to your personal information.
  11. Lab Patrons are expected to behave in a manner that is conducive to an academic atmosphere. Behavior must not rise to the point of being disruptive to others. Staff may ask you to moderate your behavior as needed to comply with policy. Lab Patrons wishing to listen to audio (this includes but is not limited to CD’s and Internet audio) must wear headphones
  12. Lab Patrons are prohibited from smoking/vaping, eating, drinking and other activities deemed inappropriate by RU-N IT staff.
  13. Personal files stored on local hard disks are not protected and are therefore subject to modification, erasure, and plagiarism. RU-N IT is not responsible for lost or damaged information. Lab Patrons are strongly encouraged to save often on personal storage devices or cloud storage.  Additionally, it is highly recommended that Lab Patrons make backup copies of all information.
  14. Any software not supported by RU-N IT, which is otherwise placed on local hard disks, will be promptly erased.
  15. Printing is provided as a limited service to all Lab Patrons. Failure to abide by posted printing policies may result in confiscation of output and loss of printing privileges. Print quality is not in any way guaranteed.
  16. Manuals and other materials may be borrowed in exchange for valid identification. They may not be removed from the computing facilities.
  17. Facility telephones and other staff equipment are reserved solely for RU-N IT workers.
  18. RU-N IT and its employees are not responsible for personal belongings. Do not leave personal items unattended.
  19. RU-N IT reserves the right to evacuate the labs whenever they it is deemed appropriate. Failure to comply with management’s decision to close down the lab may results in the loss of lab privileges.

Individual sites may have additional policies other than those listed. Lab Patrons must comply with all rules, policies and procedures posted at these facilities. These rules and regulations are enforceable by on-duty RU-N IT employees.

RU-N IT welcomes all comments and concerns that you may have regarding our services and equipment. All comments and/or concerns should be directed to the Help Desk at (973) 353-5083.