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We recommend that Rutgers manages your device for the best experience. However, the management profile can be removed if desired.

With a managed device, Rutgers can push applications, notifications, and settings to your iPad; see titles of installed apps; publish a custom app library; and—if you lose your iPad—Rutgers can locate, lock, or erase your device.


Step 1:

Press the home button to unlock your device.


Step 2:

Select your preferred language & country or region.


Step 3:

Select “Set Up Manually”.


Step 4:

Select your preferred Wi-Fi network and follow the on-screen prompts to connect.


Step 5:

The device will automatically begin to download your customized enrollment settings.

Step 6:

Create a device passcode when prompted. Passcodes are required and must be six characters long.


Step 7:

Select “Enable Location Services” if you would like to enable Location Services for Maps and other apps.


Step 8:

You will be directed to the home screen. On the second page of apps, the Comp Portal app will be installed. When it is finished installing, tap the app to continue the setup process.

Step 9:

Please sign into Microsoft Intune using your ScarletMail personal account & NetID password. RutgersNetID>

Step 10:

Enter your Rutgers password and press “Sign In.”

Step 11:

Press “Begin” then “Continue” to configure your device.


Step 12:

Microsoft Intune will secure your device and apply settings to improve your experience at Rutgers. This process generally takes about 2 minutes.


Step 13:

Once complete, press “Done.” You will be prompted to receive push notification through the Comp Portal app.


Step 14:

You will be redirected to the main screen in the company portal. You can use this app to download other Rutgers Apps. Press the home button to exit the Comp Portal app.


Step 15:

Rutgers apps and links will continue to download. The time will vary based on your Internet speed. You can use your device while the apps are configured.


Step 16:

Your device is fully configured and ready for use!