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Security Groups are user groups best suited for delegation of privileges.  Security groups do not have an email address associated with them, and are best used for sharing items and folders to a group of users. They can also be used to delegated administrative privileges to another object. For example, you could use a security group as the owner of multiple distribution lists. In that case, instead of adding a list of users as owners of a distribution list, and repeating the operation for multiple lists, you could create a group of all the owners, and only designating the security group as owner of the distribution list. Similarly, you could share a calendar to an entire group with a single operation. Security groups can be managed by security group owners, who can be any user.
Privileges: Security groups can contain Owners and Members. Owners can add and remove members as well as other owners from the security group.
  • To create a new security group please complete the email with the following information: Contact information of requester (Name, Department, Phone #), Requested Display Name, Requested Email Address, Group Owners, and list of Group Members