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3D printing is now available for students, staff, and faculty!

A completion of a free certification session is required before using the printer. In the course, we demonstrate how to design basic 3D models, show you resources to find finished models, load models into a slicing program to set them up for printing, and then watch the design go from concept to reality when it finally prints. The printers are located in the John Cotton Dana Library computer lab.

Printing costs are determined based on the weight of filament used. You will be able to print using the same printing quota you use for traditional paper printing.

For more information on the certification session complete the following google form – Sign up!

If you have any questions, please email 3DLab@newark.rutgers.edu.

If you’ve taken the 3D printing course, we would like to ask some general questions regarding your experience.  Your time and contribution to our 3D printing research is appreciated!  Take the survey by clicking here: