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What is the Emergency Broadband Benefit program?
The new Emergency Broadband Benefit program is a federal program that provides subsidies of up to $50 per month (or $75 per month if you live on qualifying Tribal lands) to those who meet certain eligibility criteria.  This discount can be applied to new or existing internet service.

The program includes either wireless or wired (fixed) internet services and can be used to offset the costs of both your service and router. Wired (fixed) services are recommended for remote instruction at Rutgers because it is more reliable and generally provides higher speed access. You can find information from the two largest internet providers in the area below as well as a list of program providers on the FCC website. 

How do I know if I am eligible for this program?
Program eligibility includes Pell grant recipients or those who have had significant income loss since February 2020. Please note this program only requires that one member of your household meet the eligibility requirement, so even if you don’t qualify, someone else in your household may be eligible.

How can I apply?
Please visit GetEmergencyBroadband.org and click on “How To Apply” to begin the application process.

Additional information

Some providers limit the subsidy to specific plans that could cost more than any existing plan you may have.  The program is time-limited. Please consider the overall cost, both with and without the subsidy, before making any changes.  Additionally, this program will end when the federal funding is exhausted or six months after the pandemic is declared over by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

For full details about this new program, please visit the FCC Emergency Broadband Benefit website, and be sure to review their Frequently Asked Questions page.

For more information about this or other programs, please visit the Technology LaunchPad or email help@newark.rutgers.edu or call 973-353-5083.