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Newark VoIP Unified Communications Telephone System Upgrade


Rutgers Telecommunications department is excited to announce that we will be upgrading the current phone system to a new Cisco Unified Communications system!

What to Expect:

We are currently targeting a transition for all campus buildings beginning in August and continuing through the month of November.  Each building will have its own scheduled date where Rutgers Telecommunications support staff will be upgrading the system and replacing the desk phones.  Please refer to the attached schedule for dates and times for your building.  Please note the support staff will also be coming the week prior to your building’s date to deliver the new desk phones.

While you will receive a new desk phone, your personal extension number will not be changing. The new system will also feature a built-in directory for you to use.

Please note that any existing voicemails you may have will not carry over to the new system.  You will need to re-record your Voicemail Greeting and go through the enrollment process.  Additionally, as buildings transition over to the new Cisco Unified Communications system, calling between the systems will require users to use ten(10) digit dialing.

Additional Details:

  • Timeline for Upgrade: Please refer to the attached document for your building’s schedule. Please be advised that support staff will be there a week prior to the date in the document to put out the new desk phones. The date listed on this document is when the new desk phones will be cutover and officially activated.
  • Voicemail: When we make the transition, the old voicemail system will be going away, therefore it’s important to remove your old messages from the current system.
  • Training:  Training on the new system will be available prior to the upgrade.  Additional details and location information to follow in a separate email.
  • Assistance Following the Transition: If you need assistance once your phone has been fully installed and is active, please feel free to call (848) 445-9899 with any questions.

Rutgers Telecommunications support staff will be available to support users during the days leading up to and after the conversion.  Please feel free to reach out and ask questions.

Thank you,

Rutgers Telecommunications

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